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Magnetic Polydron Mathematics Set

Brand: Polydron
Great educational tool to teach 2D and 3D shapes to primary school children.
SKU: 11ENC04324
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This class set contains everything you need to teach 2D and 3D shapes to primary school children. It includes basic shapes such as squares, rectangles and 3 types of triangles as well as more complicated shapes such as cylinders and cones. Make shapes such as a tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron to help learn platonic solids. You can also make a wide variety of different prisms, anti-prisms and pyramids. Once the basic shapes have been mastered, children can make spheres, cylinders and cones as well as cross sections of them. Open frame pieces allow you to see inside. All pieces are magnetic. Square measures 6 x 6cm (2.4 x 2.4 inches).

This vast set contains 11 different shapes with a total of 118 pieces. Includes 20 equilateral triangles, 12 right angle triangles, 12 isosceles triangles, 20 squares, 10 rectangles, 12 pentagons, 4 hexagons, 8 sphere pieces, 12 quadrant pieces, 4 cone pieces, 4 cylinder pieces and a guide.

The set is suitable for ages 5+ years.

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