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Picture of Maped Whiteboard Pen

Maped Whiteboard Pen

4 pcs/wallet
AED 11.40
Picture of Maped Sketch Pen

Maped Sketch Pen

12 pcs/pack
AED 8.70
Picture of Maped Compass

Maped Compass

AED 19.10
Picture of Maped Foldable Ruler

Maped Foldable Ruler

15-30 cm
AED 5.70
Picture of Maped Geometry Set

Maped Geometry Set

Maped essentials 9 piece Math set with 2 Metal Compasses.
AED 11.00
Picture of Maped Maxi Graphic Drawing Set
Picture of Maped Pencil Eraser

Maped Pencil Eraser

2 pcs/wallet
AED 5.20
Picture of Maped Scissors

Maped Scissors

Available in different sizes.
AED 5.00
Picture of Maped Scissor 13 cm Reflex Kid 3Pc

Maped Scissor 13 cm Reflex Kid 3Pc

Kids will have the perfect time at school with these school accessories from Maped, which help them to have fun and learn at the same time.
AED 10.50 AED 9.00