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Picture of Crystal Polydron Class Set

Crystal Polydron Class Set

Great educational tool for children to develop geometry skills.
AED 681.70
Out of stock
Giant Octoplay Set 1 (20pcs)

Giant Octoplay Set 1 (20pcs)

Great educational tool to develop construction skills! Make models like a man, dinosaur, dog, flower, horse, plane, fish or reindeer one at a time.
AED 498.00 AED 398.40
Giant Polydron Set

Giant Polydron Set

The perfect introduction to 2D & 3D shapes with triangles & squares.
AED 430.90
Giant Polydron Storage Bag

Giant Polydron Storage Bag

Suitable for storing Giant Polydron, Giant Polyplay & Giant Octoplay.
AED 92.30
Picture of Crystal Polydron Basic Set

Crystal Polydron Basic Set

Valuable educational tool to explore 2D and 3D shapes.
AED 549.30
Giant Octoplay Set 2

Giant Octoplay Set 2

An ideal class set for building different models.
AED 742.20 AED 593.80