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Picture of Acrylic Ruler - 20cm

Acrylic Ruler - 20cm

Essential stationery item.
AED 2.20
Picture of Acrylic Ruler - 30cm

Acrylic Ruler - 30cm

Essential stationery item.
AED 2.40
Picture of Black Paper Binders (available in different sizes)

Black Paper Binders (available in different sizes)

Valuable item for students.
AED 5.00
Picture of Bulldog Clips 15mm (1/2") - Black

Bulldog Clips 15mm (1/2") - Black

These binder clips are the perfect size to keep notes, test paper, documents, files, and lists together neat in one pile
AED 8.40
Picture of Calculator Metal 14 digits

Calculator Metal 14 digits

Big and clear display
AED 36.50
Picture of Captain America Premium Pencil Case

Captain America Premium Pencil Case

Essential item for every student!
AED 23.20
Picture of Casio DJ 120 Calculator

Casio DJ 120 Calculator

Essential stationery item.
AED 48.60
Picture of Casio FX-82MS Calculator

Casio FX-82MS Calculator

Essential stationery item.
AED 39.20
Picture of Casio MJ 120 Calculator

Casio MJ 120 Calculator

Essential stationery item.
AED 37.80
Picture of Clear Ruler Length 30cm

Clear Ruler Length 30cm

Length: 30 cm
AED 23.00
Picture of Clear Tape Length - 27m

Clear Tape Length - 27m

Easy adhesive for sticking, fixing, sealing and correction smooth unwinding on dispenser for convenient one hand operation
AED 6.20
Picture of Clipboard - A4 - Light Blue

Clipboard - A4 - Light Blue

Graduation engraved for easy reading
AED 68.00
Picture of Clock-Faced Drywipe Boards

Clock-Faced Drywipe Boards

Traditional clock face plus digital readout block.Ideal for all classroom telling-the-time activities. Plain reverse side for standard Show-me® activities.Combination packs include whiteboards, medium tip pens and erasers. Each pack now includes a FREE Teachers’ Resources Booklet, packed full of ideas, tips and games.
AED 517.60
Picture of Colorful Paper Binders (available in different sizes)
Picture of Colour Pencil 12 colours

Colour Pencil 12 colours

Colouring triangular shape for an ergonomic hold
AED 17.10
Picture of Colour Pencil 24 colours

Colour Pencil 24 colours

Full Length, made from softened poplar, easy to sharpen. Good quality lead for smooth
AED 34.20
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